APA Essay Format Tips

The APA style is a widely used and accepted format for presenting term papers and other assignments. APA essay format is also a popular one. The style follows guidelines set up by the American Psychological Association for researchers to presents their works. As a student, you must be familiar with the APA style. Instructors generally require students to submit their term papers like that. If you have never used the format and now need to submit an assignment with the APA style, there is no need to panic. This format is not difficult to learn!

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The main reason for setting up a format for the presentation of papers was to ensure that all submissions have the same format, making it easier for people to read and understand the content. Teachers and instructors require students to submit their term and assignment paper in the APA style for the very same reason — uniformity.

The main feature of the APA style of writing is the use of "in-text citations". It lets the writers support their argument with references without the reader having to look away from the main paper to the citations or bibliography section.

Writing in the APA Style

Title page. The first thing to do when writing an assignment in APA format is to make a title page. This contains the complete title of the assignment, you name, the section of the course, your instructor's name, and date of submission.

General rules. Unless a font size has been specified by your teacher, use Times New Roman, font size 12. When referring to the work of an author, use in-text citations. The correct format for citations is — author's last name followed by the year of the publication in brackets.

Direct quotes. Used quotes in the assignment should also be cited like the in-text citations. You do, however, need to include the name of the work/paper/book, followed by the page number(s) from where the text has been taken in brackets. The correct format here is — last name of the author, followed by the year of the work in brackets, the name of the work/book/paper, followed by the exact page number(s) in brackets.

Reference list. Compile a resource list and include it at the end of the assignment. This list contains information about all the works and authors used in the write-up. In essence, you are giving references right where they are needed and including a complete list at the end of the assignment as well. The list is in alphabetic order. The author's last name comes first, followed by the year and date the paper/book/article was first published, and then comes the work's complete name. For articles and research papers, the name of the publication in which these appeared needs to come after the complete name of the work given.

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