Business Proposal Letter Step-by-Step

As a rule, many people put a lot of patience into creating a business proposal, but there are also those, who spend only a few minutes on the business proposal letter. Their reason is pretty simple. They think about such letter as about a pesky, unneeded and boring formality.

Well, those, who neglect the importance of creating a good proposal cover letter do miss wonderful opportunities to set and save an instant connection with their potential clients.

So, what is a business proposal letter and why is this so important? That is a letter, which is meant for selling a service and/or a product.

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter Properly

If you are here on our website, being on this page, then you obviously want to find out how to write a business proposal letter correctly, make it catchy and grab the target audience’s attention from the first sentences.

Your writing starts from learning its features, right? Scroll down to see our special tips for creating a really great formal letter business proposal!

  • Appeal to the receiver. Start your letter, using greetings towards the receiver. For that, use proper titles, which probably will look like Ms., Mr., Dr., and so on. It can look like: "Dear Mr. Smith."
  • Background details. Provide the readers with them. In the first paragraph of your letter, you have to provide the readers, or rather potential customers, or TA (target auditory), with the background info and details. Include everything, that you think is important about your service/product/event.
  • Tell about your purpose. When you are writing such a letter, you have to provide the readers with the main info and the reasons why your letter is important, tell what your letter’s purpose is.
  • Attach the Other Documents. You can attach supporting your letter docs if possible. It is up to you.
  • Avoid Mistakes. Double-check your letter for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Use Statistics and/or facts. You can use statistics and/or facts, which are relevant and incorporate them into your letter. Proposal letters are stronger, and even more compelling in a way. How? Simply when you ground them with the presented research or with the real situation from life.

How to Start a Business Proposal Letter and What to Include

If you are not sure, if you know how to start a business proposal letter, do not worry. We will help you. At first, you need to say “hi” to your receiver. Not that “hi,” of course, simply come up with greetings, using titles, that we have described above already.

Writing a business proposal letter is not the easiest and most interesting type of writing, but you still should not neglect it. Do your best to catch the receiver! Also, besides greetings, you have to provide a person with background info on what you are selling.

How to End a Business Proposal Letter and What to Mention

When everything is already written, and it comes to an end, sometimes people can think, “How to end a business proposal letter, so that it would be interesting, catchy and able to make the reader feel interested in the product?”

You are to cross all the T’s.To finish a proposal business letter this way, you have to imagine yourself in your readers’ shoes. Think about it. If you read such a letter from some company, what would you expect? What would make you feel like trusting and buying? When writing a letter, think as a customer, not as a seller.

One more little tip: At the end of the letter thank the reader for respect and spending time for reading to the end.

Business Proposal Letter Format Features

No doubts, we all know, that every single type of writing has its format and style. One must not neglect it. If such paper has its features, follow them. The format of the business proposal letter is special too, and you must follow it correctly.

Here is the list of steps for such writing:

  1. Leave your name, mention the address of yours and the other needed info, putting it in the center at the top of a letterhead. If there is no letterhead, you can easily write it on the right side in the upper corner.
  2. The receiver's name and his/her address have to be two lines down, starting from your own address. Put it in the left corner.
  3. Mention the date. You have two options. Option number 1: center it under the receiver’s address. Option number 2: add it to the right side of the line, just right below the address.
  4. Leave the line of "Re:" below-mentioned date, on the left side. This “Re” line has to consist of clear info on the letter’s topic.

So, once you learned tips on crafting this, you can easily go on for its creating. Use our tips and hints to succeed.