This policy makes things clear regarding the way in which we protect personal information received throughout the cooperation with our clients.

Internet Cookies

Making use of the internet cookies collected during your visit, we've got the possibility of undertaking marketing analysis through the help of Google Analytics. Our customers' private information is secure because cookies contain only some information regarding your browsing activity. The whole cookie dataset is processed by Google and presented to us in a consolidated form of web-site activity reports.

Personal data

When you make an order, we request you to give some crucial data such as your contact details and billing info. Relax knowing that such data is kept fully confidential. Only order-related processes involve its usage. No third-party organizations can access our customer's details. Your e-mail address can be used only to correspond on the subject of your order or notify you of its progress changes. If we really need to get in touch with you urgently, we can use your telephone number. But, it is applicable only to a limited number of situations like difficulties with attached documents or a lack of instructions.

Info about visitors

We gather specific details like the version of your browser or your operating system when you visit the website. Our company gathers and studies that data to reach a better level of quality in terms of the web-site's content and structure. We keep your information discreet and by no means give it to any third parties for any purposes.

Links to External Resources

Another important point to say is that we aren't liable for the content of external resources linked here. We improve the online privacy policy regularly to be sure it meets all user needs. Look through this policy section every once in awhile in order to be aware of any changes.