How to Write a Book Review Essay Professionally

When you get a book review essay as an assignment, you might be happy and excited. Finally, you can write about something that you like and understand: your favorite book. Or at least you can write about something that you know and have read recently: the book that your teacher requested to read.

So, what is a book review essay? Even if you love writing and can write in a very nice manner, you still might need some advice and tips. Even to make, once more, sure that you are right, you might need some guidelines. Moreover, if you aren’t sure how to write, you definitely need a detailed instruction. When you are writing a book review essay, like any other essay, actually, the main requirements to consider are the following:

  • Your paper should be unique. Plagiarism is something that isn’t welcome and isn’t wished anywhere .
  • Your essay should follow some plan, and it should have some specific structure.
  • Your writing manner should be appropriate: no vulgar expressions are allowed unless you are writing a review on a very specific book and using that kind of expressions in citations.

These are the very general rules. However, whenever you write a book review essay, you will be faced with requirements and guidelines. Don’t forget that your main task is to follow them, even if you aren’t happy with them.

How to Write a Book Review Essay for College: Consider the Requirements

How to write a book review essay for college? A book review essay for a college doesn’t differ much from any other essay on a book. However, there might be some specific requirements, like including/not including citations, citations style, a particular set of books or a specific book and so on. But the primary rules are the same.

Book Review Essay Format: Make It Proper

A book review essay format doesn’t differ much from the standard. You start with an introduction. However, how to start a book review essay? Just think what your main task is. The main target of your paper is to engage your reader, to make him or her interested in the writing to such an extent that he reads it until the end. To do so, start with a question, that is related to the book and the real life. Something intriguing would be good, as well. A personal story is something that usually works.

Then, you continue the story in the central part. But this time, you should show how it is connected with the book. And then, you make a smooth transition to the book content and all the analyses and descriptions that you might need to have there.

After the main part, you write a smooth, short but complete conclusion. There, you state once more the problem, the ideas and opinions as well as discussions, and, finally, the results and your conclusions. Make sure you stick to the three major rules of writing: be short, be precise, and be detailed enough.

Book Review Essay Outline Examples to Use

On the web, you can find as many examples of a book review essay outline as you need. They are so popular that the main problem is not to find an example, but to find something that you can really use. One of the most popular books that are selected for such kind of reviews is the Great Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby book review essay outline gives you actually many options. You can write about the genre of the book. Is it a comedy or rather a tragedy? Why do you believe so? What is more important: money or happiness? Why do you think so and is your idea the same as one of the authors?

What about the human character and how is it described in the book? Are there any exciting symbols that the author uses? What about light and darkness and how can you interpret them in your review? So, the essay outline might look like this:

  • Introduction
    • Say some words why you have selected the book.
    • Your personal story that has motivated you.
    • Connect it with possible reader’s experiences.
  • Main Part
    • Explain your attitude and approaches to the topic.
    • Discuss the expert opinion.
    • Compare the expert opinion with yours.
  • Conclusion
    • Make your conclusions.

Remember as well, that your task is not just to tell about the plot, but to discover something unusual, something special. If you find something that hasn’t been described yet, you will definitely have success.


A book review essay is something that can be really interesting and engaging to write. It depends only on you if you are going to enjoy the process or to suffer. If you want to enjoy your writing process, just prepare the materials properly, get acquainted well with the topic, find something that interests you a lot, and write about it.