Money Back Guarantee

We respect every single customer and approach their orders on a one-to-one basis, looking at all the important points of the assignment. We understand how significant it's for clients to be familiar with their legal rights and alternatives given by our company, this is why we've written this section, namely our money back guarantee. We think that when the consumer is familiarized with the conditions and peculiarities of the work process, it's a thing that can actually improve the quality level of our service.

Owing to our company’s stability and excellent reputation, our customers require a refund really rarely. Free revision option can also be found as one of the services we provide, which seriously helps us deal with any situation in a fashion that is the most appropriate.

Trying to receive a refund, it is best to make certain that your case corresponds the explanation of the circumstances set out below. Please be aware that typically the nuances of your situation can affect whether you get a partial or full refund.

100% refund

  1. Two identical orders instead of one
    Once you learn that you accidentally placed two orders which seem to be exactly the same, get in touch with our consumer support - it'll help you return the money for the duplicate one. We should underscore that you don't have the opportunity to receive the entire sum back if we've already found the writer and started working on of your task; thus, it is advisable for you to fill out the order form mindfully and doublecheck every little thing.
  2. Calling the order off before the writer is found
    No detailed clarification is needed in such a case. If we have not chosen a specialist by the time you call the order off, you will always get a full refund without any problems.
  3. Not enough free writers
    We employ only writers skilled enough to complete orders of various intricacy, but it may happen that there aren't any matching writers available because we've got a really heavy workload, or/and the ordered task is very demanding when it comes to specific knowledge on a tricky topic.
  4. One order - two bills
    Even provided that we're very meticulous with handling all the orders and payments, occasionally such situations can take place. Being charged twice for one order, do not worry - inform us about it as quickly as possible. Under these circumstances, the receipts copies would be the most crucial requirement for getting a refund.

Partial refund

Instances explained down below in this sub-section enable you to receive a part of the sum:

  1. Complications with timely order delivery
    It's a rare scenario, and yet there might be some unpredictable situations hindering prompt receiving the finalized task. In this case, there might be a number of elements that affect the sum of the refund, so each case is discussed with the buyer. Sometimes, issues with the timeliness of the order can be the result of the customer's actions or non-actions. As an example, in some cases the author does not receive all the essential materials from the client in time, considering the fact that they're vital for proper order finalizing. In cases like this, the money-back option won't be available. Confirm that all the vital files are sent to us just after you filled in the order form.
  2. You decide that you do not need our help, but the writer has begun working on your task.
    Taking into consideration the writer’s partial work, you're likely to be refunded with 70% of the whole amount. Bear in mind that cancelling your order past the halfway point to the deadline allows you to get up to 50% of the spent money.
  3. The client is dissatisfied after receiving their result
    It is easy to get in touch with us to report any issues regarding the complete work so that we can review them. A possible refund would depend on the result of our inspection. Because of our writers' expertise, their good track record and dependability, such situations almost never occur.
  4. Plagiarized works
    Any purchaser, who's shown us the existence of plagiarized materials in the finalized paper is entitled to a partial refund or revision.

No refund

  1. You expected a better mark
    We can guarantee the highest quality of our papers, but we cannot fully ensure the highest mark because it depends not only on the paper but your teacher or work presentation too.
  2. Polishing services such as formatting, editing, proofreading
    We happily supply our clients with several polishing services, but we think it is important to emphasize that we by no means alter the content material of the given work. We aren't responsible for the content of the initially given paper or any content-related claims.

Money-back process

Once we verify the refund request, your money will be paid back over a period not exceeding five working days. Please, take notice that we cannot be held liable for any potential difficulties caused by the third-party organizations managing your money transactions.

We provide our clients with the money-back option only in cases when its sum is larger than 10 USD; if not, it's just impossible due to fees required for the money transfer. In case your refund is less than 10 USD, don't worry - we offer our clients the money-reservation option, so that you could spend it on our services next time.